This project focuses on the extension and the rising of an accommodation and activities building located in Paris, rue Descamps, and designed by the architect André-Anatole ECK in an industrial style to accommodate “car stores and artists’ studios”. It was built in 1914 and then 1918 in an emphatic style including moldings, columns and capitals.

The setback of the existing facade as well as its steel structure, however in compliance with the architect’s original idea, must be removed to enable the extension and rising of the building.


The agency VIDALENC ARCHITECTES’ design aims to preserve this aspect, building the projected extension in a metallic structure. As such, it deepens the strong existing contrast between the monumental and miner al character of the street front’s right side and the setback metallic structure of the front’s left side.


The bay windows’ aspect also reminds the past of the place, originally designed for artists’ studios.