Le Quiers

This project aims to transform a monumental barn located at the edge of a plateau formed by a lava flow, at an altitude of 1.100 meters.

This vast and ascetic site, added to the hieratic aspect of this 19-century building, requiring the renovation to respect and highlight the organic nature of the building and express its intimate feeling of belonging to the place: it has mass, opacity and permanency. Built in lava rubbles, it seems to be a very extension of the relief.

In order to preserve the building’s nature, the agency VIDALENC ARCHITECTES designed an independent reinforced concrete structure at the heart of the original barn. Its walls stop just before the internal part of the barn’s framework, which was entirely preserved.

This process allows a preservation of the historical works, which therefore form the new dwelling house’s surrounding wall. The only interaction with the modern structure was made against the west facade, crossed over by the concrete structure and hollowed out to open the building onto the site. The south facade, which already had some ancient openings, was not modified.

However, this approach forbids any creation of channels or technical sleathing against the ancient walls. The different networks (risers, drainage, cables, etc.) go through technical nodes placed at the heart of the building and integrated to the concrete structure; this way, the ancient walls stay entirely untouched and visible.

The new volumes, insulated by acoustic walls covered by a light oak face and carefully assembled, reveal the minimalist aspect of the original barn.

This renovation allowed for the complete layout of the building and the creation of contemporary living spaces – projection room, living room, kitchen, 6 bedrooms and bathrooms – while preserving the original strength of the place.